Ethernet is the Most Cost Effective Solution For Business Telecommunications

New advances in Ethernet telecommunications are delivering blinding new speeds. Some new experimental models have been known to bring data at one Terabit per second. Most commercially available Ethernet options aren’t quite that fast, but these are the speeds on the near horizon, technologically. For the business that is serious about high performance dedicated telecommunication at a solid price, the best Ethernet pricing is going to beat the other options out hands down.

DSL and cable are fast choking on the dust of the new technologies. While these types of connections may work for many residential settings or very small businesses without needs for high performance telecommunications with rock-solid reliability, they are not going to keep up with the pace of emerging industries which your business must match. You want the fastest speeds and best performance at a price that keeps your company maneuverable, no matter the economic trend. Using FIOS? Really, FIOS is just cable with a thyroid condition and has all the same inherent problems as DSL and cable. DSL, cable, and FIOS are all designed to be over-subscribed with ZERO uptime guarantee and ZERO bandwidth availability guarantee, which is the only way they can achieve the price points that they do. If it’s working well today, that is no indication of how well it will work next month, next week, or even tomorrow.

Bonded T1, which is more than one T1 line joined together for a boost in bandwidth, will provide speeds that compete with these Ethernet telecommunications solutions. However, the costs involved in such technology generally run a bit higher for the same or slightly less bandwidth. Bonded T1 lines offering 1.5 mb/s tend to price around the same as a 3 mb/s Ethernet system. While both are performing great, the Ethernet is just superior at the price because of its flexibility for growth and expansion. It is simply a more cost effective technology.

While there are plenty of options out there for business telecommunications, the main thing your business needs to consider is performance versus cost. Obviously you want the type of speeds that will make your business competitive. The best Ethernet pricing is just beating out bonded T1 at every turn. You will want to establish this for your business to keep it running at a cost effective and fast efficient pace.

While T1 and bonded T1 services are available just about anywhere, Ethernet is not as widely available yet, although as more and more businesses discover the cost effective nature of the higher bandwidth that Ethernet can provide, its footprint is expanding rapidly.

Obviously it is very cheap to use cable or DSL, but these services are not going to bring the performance or reliability that a professional business should require. They are old technologies. If your business wants to remain on the cutting edge without breaking the bank, Ethernet telecommunications is the way to go.

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